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For the first time in Peekskill and its neighboring towns, EMBARK presented a Latino play in English that speaks with irony and humor about Latino life in the United States. EMBARK is thrilled to produce a play like Mr. Reyes' especially now when Immigration Reform is once again under intense debate.

A Playwriting Professor at Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Guillermo Reyes reveals through his vignettes that there are "no 'Hispanic' people, and at best it's a misnomer for something even more frightful than people who speak Spanish, but "mestizos," which is what we should all really use to define ourselves. The mixed blooded people who were created out of the fervent reproduction of the Indian, the European, and the African, are populating the entire continentand having plenty of fun doing so, I would imagine. That's really frightful to some people. Hispanick doesn't do the panic justice. Mestizaje should do it. And it's all funny if you take it as disinterestedly as I do. I'm not one to reproduce, so I don't care. Mestizos are no more likely to screw up this country than the purebreds who created slavery and class and racial divisions. Humanity will continue in its own flawed path, hopefully showing a sign of mercy and compassion along the way--and the real heroes will be the people who have a sense of humor."
           -- GReyes

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