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Bottom 4 photos by Sol Miranda, Katie Feder

Under the direction of Katie Schmidt Feder, EMBARK Peekskill presented as the final show of its Women Series 2015. Eve Ensler's collage of monologues, chat sessions about body image, dieting, sex, abortion, relationship and more is based on her interviews with young women around the world; their lives are shared with honesty and respect.

The piece sheds light on the joys and challenges as well as the violence faced by girls across the globe. EMOTIONAL CREATURE is a theatrically lit match that will light a fire in your heart and has the potential to spark a girl revolution. It is empowering for women and teen girls but it is potentially a wake up call for men and teen boys
as well.


The cast, made up of high school and young college women from Peekskill and the surrounding area, featured:
Alyssa Acevedo, Emrigael Alpern, Paige Hill, Erica Joyce, Kelly O'Connor, Corinne Salicco, Charlotte Wittmann, and Afua Yeboah

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